APAVE Project Manager & Site Manager Conference in 2016

APAVE Project Manager & Site Manager Conference in 2016

APAVE Project Manager & Site Manager Conference is a regular activity of APAVE Asia – Pacific, aims to enhance the competence of Project Manager & Site Manager to increase the quality and efficiency of projects more and more.



APAVE Project Manager & Site Manager Conference in 2016 was hold on July 15-16, 2016 in Ho Chi Minh city for Southern region and APAVE Nha Trang, then, on July 23-24, 2016 in Vinh Phuc for Northern region and APAVE Da Nang with participation of Board of Directors and over 130 Project Managers & Site Managers.


At APAVE, a service company, the role of Project Manager & Site Manager is very important. Project implementation is an important chain in activity system of the company, how to implement to get efficiency, quality, bring revenues and profits. This conference focused on discussing about difficult case-study during deployment.



Many important subjects were discussed during 3 days of the conference. Firstly is the report of Northern region’s audit team about 2 key projects in Ho Chi Minh city and vice versa, the report of Southern region’s audit team about 2 key projects in Ha Noi.


Although APAVE has had frame operation procedures all over the company, however, with  many branches along Vietnam, there are many differences among branches in operation because of local culture. The objective of the audit team is to show out strong and weak points at each project, then suggest more effective solution for each region.


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Group discussion was very interesting with many subjects such as (1) Competence requirement of a Project Manager/Site Manager and upgrading training for Project Manager / Site Manager; (2) Improving the coordination efficiency  in implementing M & E works for construction projects; (3) The responsibilities of the Project Manager/Site Manager for implemented works of project before APAVE begins and retroactive documents/ implementing projects without construction permit and relevant legal documents. (4) Raising the efficiency of traditional NDT projects; (5) The way to coordinate and deploy among construction projects and industrial projects  for Construction Industry ones.


Typical problems in project deployment were raised at the conference, thereby giving experiences/the way to handle and solve problems. These are valuable lessons for Project Managers and Site Managers to draw on  the experience for themselves.


One of important content of the conference is the application of project budget (F11) in actual implementation. F11 has existed for a long time, however from May 6, 2016, F11 is delivered directly to the Project Managers/Site Managers to use effectively project resources, suitable with approved budget, and meet quality and client requirements.


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Project Manager & Site Manager Conference in 2016 was successful with positive participation of all members. The conference will be continued by discussions, shares among North - Central - South regions for target “EFFICIENCY – QUALITY”, and for more sustainable development of APAVE Asia - Pacific.


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