Minister Pham Hong Ha receives Apave Group’s leader

Hanoi (March 7th, 2017), The Executive Vice President of Apave Group (French) – Mr. Nguyen Cong Phu - General Director of Apave Asia Pacific had a working visit at Vietnam Construction Ministry. He was received by Minister of Construction of Vietnam – Mr. Pham Hong Ha.

Minister Pham Hong Ha receives the leader of Apave Group


At the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Cong Phu expressed his pleasure to visit the MoC and Minister Pham Hong Ha, and said, Apave Group was founded in 1867 and the leading unit of French Republic specializing in technical expertise, management consulting, risks training and control. Apave Group has more than 10.860 employees, including 8.000 engineers, specialists and technicians in a variety of fields with objectives: the quality of works, public safety, production safety, energy saving, environmental protection, risks prevention and quality system.

Mr. Nguyen Cong Phu said: “He desire to transfer Apave Group’s advanced science and technology to the Vietnamese construction engineers and staffs, as well as create conditions for Vietnamese engineers to work in many countries in the world”.

At the reception, Minister Pham Hong Ha warmly welcomed Mr Nguyen Cong Phu, and said “Ministry of Construction is always ready to expand cooperation with domestic and international partners, aiming to strongly develop Vietnam’s construction industry”.

Minister Ha believed Mr. Nguyen Cong Phu, with his talent and experience, would connect and further strengthen the cooperative relationship between the two sides, as well as with other international organizations.

Written by: Tran Dinh Ha
Translated by: Mai Anh

APAVE 20th anniversary ceremony via media cross-flow

During 20 years of presence in Vietnam, APAVE ASIA – PACIFIC (formerly, APAVE Vietnam & Southeast Asia), a member of the APAVE Group with 100% foreign invested, has become leading organization in the world in technical, quality inspection and consultancy with branches around three regions of Vietnam and many Asian countries and nearly 1000 high quality workers. At milestone of the age of 20, APAVE ASIA – PACIFIC celebrated the 20th anniversary on March 18th, 2016 at Lotte Ha Noi hotel and on March 22nd, 2016 at Thong Nhat Palace in Ho Chi Minh city. At ceremony, APAVE sums up journey of 20 years with achievements and contribution to social activities. APAVE commits to serve the best, worthy of “the mission de confiance”.



More than 15 newspapers write about 20th APAVE Anniversary ceremony with high evaluation for APAVE’s contribution to social development and human values



Building up Deo Ca tunnel in the form of BT+BOT Dr Nguyen Cong Phu, General Director of APAVE Vietnam & SEA (selected company to be management consultancy for Deo Ca tunnel project) said the tunnel will be constructed in October/2010.


In France recently, there was an agreement signing ceremony between Deo Ca Investment Join Stock Company and partners. Dear Sir,can you please briefly introduce us the content of this agreement?

Deo Ca tunnel is a big project with estimated cost is about 600 million USD. Because of the importance of this project, Deo Ca Investment Join Stock Company – the  investor chooses French partners such as EGIS Consultancy Company with Great Bridge & Tunnel Company which belongs to Ministry of Transportation to implement the project; APAVE Vietnam & SEA Company is chosen to do the work of management consultancy and supervision, VINCI Company is main constructor EPC and two large French banks are Societe General (SG), Credit Agricole (CA) provide financial credit. Currently, the agreement is a memorandum (MOU) of principles and then, the partners must negotiate with Investor in details.

According to the estimation, when this project can be started and when it will be finished?

The investors plan to start the construction project in Oct/2010 and estimated total time is four years.

In which way Deo Ca tunnel project will be implemented? How to arrange capital, how to raise capital for a big project like this?

Deo Ca tunnel project will be implemented with two components in the form of BT and the basement in the form of BOT. The reason to do so because, if there is not BT, a part of the state capital (about $ 200 million), then the payback is hardly feasible. In order to raise funds for this project, the investor has prepared several plans, including plans to choose two selected banks SG and CA who have worked successfully in Vietnam.

Dear Sir, why APAVE was chosen to be the company for management consultancy of Deo Ca tunnel project?

APAVE is one of the five leading company nationwide was founded nearly 150 years ago. We can say that we are one of the leading companies in Vietnam in the field of management consultancy and supervision of construction and industry. Furthermore, we have participated in several international projects.



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Making Our World Safer (NSC) and a Mission of Trust (Apave)… two visions combining to offer Apave’s international customers globally-recognized, qualitative approach to defensive driving training.




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Hanoi (March 7th, 2017), The Executive Vice President of Apave Group (French) – Mr. Nguyen Cong Phu - General Director of Apave Asia Pacific had a working visit at Vietnam Construction Ministry. He was received...

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