China: Agreement reached with giants of the Chinese nuclear industry

China General Nuclear (CGN) and China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), two major public companies in the Chinese nuclear industry, are committed to the biggest nuclear programme in the world..

Indeed, half of all the nuclear power plants under construction in the world are being built in China. The Apave Group (including one of its subsidiaries Sopemea) has positioned itself as a partner to complete CNNC and CGN's offer. These companies have no independent third party in their offer, yet they must qualify their equipment for the British market in compliance with standards in force in Europe.

The Chinese nuclear companies have already signed an agreement for the supply of two Hualong One reactors, the first 100% Chinese third-generation reactor.

In late December 2015, Apave welcomed a delegation from the Nuclear Power Institute of China (NPIC), a subsidiary of CNNC which designs, manufactures, qualifies and maintains equipment for some Chinese nuclear reactors. Following this meeting, a basis agreement was signed between the Apave Group and NPIC. This agreement will see Apave play a role in certification preparation as well as the conducting of equipment qualification.


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Those present, from left to right: François Farge (Manager of the Certification BL), Daniel Joyeux (Efectis France), Christian Mainet (President of the Apave Group), Van Phuc Lê (Vice-President of the Apave Group), Yannick Le Gonidec (Manager of the Nuclear BL), Bernard Colomies (Sopemea), Rémi Sohier (Managing Director of the Apave Group) and Stéphane Torrez (President of Sopemea). In the foreground, NPIC staff: Zhao Haijiang, Wang Yan, Ma Jianzhong and Li Yong.

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